Winter in Water in Spring
Berlin Stattbad
21:00 - 24:00, April 24, 2010
Stattbad Wedding, Contemporary Culture Center, Gerichtstr.65,13347 Berlin

"MEETING | REUNIÓN" is an open public meeting of the laptop generation women live performers in an electronically updated boxing ring tournament setting. Meeting as performance, Reunion as tournament , we call for women Vjs to play with/against each other in collaborative/challenging ways. "MEETING | REUNIÓN" is ladies' night out. We invite local woman VJs, who maybe fresh and unknown in the AV festival circuit, to join us. Young, old, experienced, not-so-experienced, local, international VJs gather together to build and grow a dynamic woman network.

For our 2009-2010 touring season, we take up four elements thematic approach. According to the season each performance event occurs, one of the 4 classic elements - Air, Fire, Earth, Water, corresponding to Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter respectively - is assigned to all participating VJs for developing their visual elements in the tournament.

Air: ideas, intellectual, sanguine, upload, mobile ...
Fire: riots, war, revolution, choleric, passion, creation, destructions ...
Earth: growth, eco,landscape, human, melancholic ...
Water: survival, moist, emotion, phlegmatic ...

By returning to the classical elements of nature, we open up each element for modern day interpretation by laptop generation. The winter 2010 edition of "MEETING | REUNIÓN" is propriately situated at Stattbad's defunct swimming pool.
We invite all participating VJ to work out Winter-Water related visual. The boxing ring has gone underwater - swimming through the light, the visual, the emotion at the end of the cold winter days.

note: due to space arrangement, the winter edition is now being held in April.
Still we like to follow the winter season theme for Berlin Stattbad edition.